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HomeDec 2012 (OCT) - part 1 !
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HomeDec 2012 (OCT) - part 1 !
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Three Bond 1786 Cyanoacrylate

Code: 1786
Name: Three Bond 1786 Cyanoacrylate

Cyanoacrylate-Based Instantaneous Strong Adhesive for Wood Surfaces

Cyanoacrylate-based instantaneous strong adhesive of general purpose are widely used for plastics, rubbers, metals, etc. But not used for wood, paper, leather, ceramics, which are grouped as porous materials that absorb the adhesive instantly.

Speaking especially of wood cyanoacrylate adhesives of low viscosity are in most cases absored in vascular and cellular tissues, being scarcely left on surface. Acid substances (ash, fat, tannin, etc), which are accessory ingredients of wood, act against cyanoacrylate adhesives and delay curing speed very badly.
The only conventional remedy for this tendency is a combined use of accelerating agents, which needs extra operation and causes decrease of efficiency in application.

Three Bond 1786 is a cyanoacrylate adhesive designed to overcome these shortcomings and bond most wood within a minute.


  • Instant bonding. Strong adhesion on wood within a minute,
  • Shows strong initiak strengh 5 minutes after application. An initial strength of over
  • 50kg/cm² can be obtained.
  • Strong adhesion at room temperature.
  • Needs the simplest application. It is solventless and of one components type. Needs
  • no hardener, pressing or heating. Just hold objects lightly in place.
  • Enables bonding process to be shortened and simplified.
  • Exccellent for butt joints.
  • Open a new area for applications. Paper, leather, fibre, china, rubber, plastic can be bonned.


  • Furniture, musical instruments, toys, household appliances, stationery, model etc.
  • See separate pages for ,aterial-wise bonding cgaracteristics.

Directions for Use

  • Acidity and water content of material, temperature and humidity affect adhesion speed.
  • So select materials and site of work accordingly.
  • Can be used for spot and temporary binding purpose when other slow-setting
  • adhesives are jointly used. In this case, do not mix this adhesive with other adhesives.
  • Pressing is not needed. Just use finger pressure (5kg/cm²)until set.
  • For Butt joint adhesion, secure as large bonding area as possible and maximize
  • contact for better results.
  • When STC-W200 is used for butt Joints, use a primer is recommended.