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HomeDec 2012 (OCT) - part 1 !
Welcoming ALl Of You!! See You There!!!
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HomeDec 2012 (OCT) - part 1 !
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Three Bond 2089 Epoxy Stick Putty

Code: 2089
Name: Three Bond 2089 Epoxy Stick Putty

 Product Outline
Three Bond 2089 is a two-component room remperature curing epoxy adhesive. The epoxy resin and hardener are formed into rod shaped stick putty. The required amount is broken off each stick and is mixed by hand wearing gloves and used. The paste will set within 5 ~ 10 minutes and will completely cured on metal surface within an hour. Then it is possible to polish, drill or further process for fitting.
This product is suitable for filling, sealing, bonding or repairing of metal parts (automobil, working engine, equipement, etc). It can also be used on various materials such as metal, wood, glass, rocks, ceramic, plastic, etc. (except polyethylene, polyethylene, nylon, silicone, fluorine rein, soft PVC, etc difficult to bond surfaces)


  1. Base resin and hardener can be cut, and then kneaded to cure, allowing good workability.
  2. Short curing time. Sets within 5 ~ 10 minutes and after 1 hour, it can be cut machined.
  3. Also suitable for low temperature curing.
  4. Excellent thermal resistance.
  5. Putty type, allowing the resin to be applied onto vertical surfaces without flowing.


  1. Filling of dent in automobile, repair of crack or hole in tank, radiator, oil pan, and muffler.
  2. Repair of machine screw holes.
  3. Repair of connecting portion or crack in pipes.
  4. Repair of various metal bonds.