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HomeDec 2012 (OCT) - part 1 !
Welcoming ALl Of You!! See You There!!!
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HomeDec 2012 (OCT) - part 1 !
Thursday at 10:00 until Sunday at 10:00 • Welcome to the hottest home & lifestyle event. For a hassle-free one-stop solution to all your renovation, refurbishment, decoration, home innovation and improvement issues, this is the place to be.
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Pando 691A Butyl Sheet For Plate-working Use

Code: Pando 691A
Name: Pando 691A Butyl Sheet For Plate-working Use
  • Pando 691A is a sheet type soundproofing and vibration proofing agent containing butyl rubber as a base.


  • This is a sheet of 1.5mm in thickness that has been developed fully using the excellent sound-shielding ability and vibration absorption which butyl rubber has, and demonstrates excellent effects in preventing vibration and impact noises of thin steel sheets.


  • It can be used on the internal sides of the door, trunk room, floor and roof, and the partition between the engine and the operating cabin


  • Sizes...1.5mm x 400mm x 500mm